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Anton hat am 16.12.2016 08:24:20 geschrieben :


Near all Intabulations are from my own hand! Some of the Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek, where you can find only one part, I added the second lute after the original Madrigal.

manoukian hat am 09.09.2014 17:38:44 geschrieben :


thank you for your fantastic job.
A question : luth duets are your transcription ? or are historical transcription (founded in manuscript etc.)

thank you for your answer

Alan Hoyle hat am 27.01.2014 15:49:39 geschrieben :

Hi - I've tried to send this before & don't know if you received it... I started to intabulate the Sanctus from Palestrina's 'Missa Papae Marcelli' for two lutes - 3 voices each). It started well, I thought, but I soon found it too difficult for me to take to the end. I thought it best to drop the pitch by three semi-tones, some thing which skilled and professional lutenists agreed was the right thing to do.
I was wondering if it might be the sort of task you might undertake?

Many thanks for all the work that you share - and my apologies for writing in English.

Best wishes


Alan Hoyle (Homepage) hat am 11.11.2013 12:24:28 geschrieben :

Intabulation request
Firstly, Anton, I would like to thank you for your generosity in sharing your arrangements and intabulations - it is more than kind. I just wish I was better able to play the lute these days!!

I have a request: the 'Sanctus' from Palestrina's 'Missa Papae Marcelli' has long been one of my very favourite pieces of music. A couple of years ago, when arthritis made playing impossible for me for a year, I tried to intabulate it for two lutes (three voices each.) I worked out that it was best to lower the pitch by three semi-tones, and the results of the first twelve bars were good, but, for some reason, I then found the task increasingly difficult and confusihg (the effect, I suspect, of the pain-killers). And so I abandoned the project - a pity (I also had the 'Agnus Dei' from the same mass in mind...).

I still believe that this intabulation can be made to work, and could well give a great deal of pleasure to many lutenists. I do not expect you to take this up, but would be delighted if you did!

I have a copy of the score which, if it would help, I would be happy to post to you.

Thanks again. Best wishes.

Alan Hoyle

PS My homepage is obviously not mine - I had to enter one to be able to send this


System hat am 21.04.2013 13:22:15 geschrieben :

Willkommen in meinem Gästebuch. Über Einträge würde ich mich sehr freuen.