All Intavolations on this page are for 4 Lutes Ad Secundam.

Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 4.0
All Intavolations are in french Lute-tabulatur. (Most ot them with diminutions in the tradition of the great luteplayers of the 16. Century.) If performed I would look forward about a small reference to my efforts.

The  -  "x" means, you can get a guitar transcription in modern staff notation too.


Aguilera de Heredia, Sebastian Tiento de Batalla 8-tono a,a,g,g x°_tono_por_delasolre,_S.20_(Aguilera_de_Heredia,_Sebastián)#IMSLP352781
Bertoldo, Sperindio Canzon vigesimanona à 8, F 8.54 a,a,g,g xà_8_(Frescobaldi,_Girolamo)#IMSLP352329
Bertoldo, Sperindio Ricercare del Terzo Tono per Organo a,g,g,g,_Sperindio)#IMSLP401792
Cavaccio, Giovanni Canzona 'La Morari' a,a,g,g'La_Morari'_(Cavaccio,_Giovanni)
Diruta, Girolamo 7. Ricercare (Transilvano_Parte2_Libro2) a,g,g,g,_Girolamo)
Erbach, Christian 7. Ricercar a,g,g,g,_Christian)
Frescobaldi, Girolamo Canzon terza, F 9.13 a,a,g,g,_F_9.13_(Frescobaldi,_Girolamo)
Gabrieli, Andrea Sanctus a 12 a,a,g,g x,_Andrea)#IMSLP284495
Gabrieli, Giovanni  Canzon a 4, Ch.194 a,a,g,g,_Ch.194_(Gabrieli,_Giovanni)
Hassler, Hans Leo Laudate Dominum omnes gentes g,g,g,D x,_Hans_Leo)#IMSLP284912
Hassler, Hans Leo Canzon duodecim toni g,g,g,D xà8_(Hassler,_Hans_Leo)
Lappi, Pietro Canzon Duodecima 'La Alle' a,a,g,g,_Pietro%29
Lappi, Pietro Canzon Sesta 'La Cazzaga' a,a,g,g x'La_Cazzaga'_(Lappi,_Pietro)
Marenzio, Luca Corbo malvaggio (No.2) a,a,g,g x,_Luca)
Modena, Julius de Fantasie 22 (Musicque de Joye) a,a,g,g x,_MJ_22_(Segni,_Giulio)#IMSLP353541
Palero, Francisco Fernandez de Tiento 28 del Tercer Tono a,a,g,g xández_Palero,_Francisco)