All Intavolations on this page are for 3 Lutes  (a',g' and D-lutes;  Ad Quartam and Unsisono)

These Intavolations are perfect for practising the two part playing.

Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 4.0
All Intavolations are in french Lute-tabulatur. (Most ot them with diminutions in the tradition of the great luteplayers of the 16. Century.) If performed I would look forward about a small reference to my efforts.


The  -  "x" means, you can get a guitar transcription in modern staff notation too.


Anonymous Verdure le bois x
Anonymous Canzon 13 'La Rose' x'La_Rose'_(Anonymous)
Appenzeller Je ne scay pas x,_Benedictus)
Buus, Jaques Voici le temps (g,g,D),_Jacques)
Buus, Jaques De peu assez x,_Jacques)
Byrd, William Afflicti pro peccatis,_William)
Byrd, William Ah silly Soul x,_William)
Byrd, William Constitues eos Principes,_William)#IMSLP344086
Byrd, William If in thine heart x,_William)
Byrd, William Laudate pueri Dominum x,_William)
Byrd, William Memento homo x,_William)
Byrd, William Miserere mihi Domine,_William)
Byrd, William Praise our Lord all ye Gentiles,_William)
Byrd, William Quodcunque ligaveris x,_William)
Byrd, William Unto the hills mine eyes I lift x,_William)
Byrd, William Solve jubente Deo x,_William)
Byrd, William Venite exultemus Domino x,_William)
Farnaby, Giles Almande xà_6_(Farnaby,_Giles)
Francisco Guerrero Tota Pulchra Es Maria,_Francisco)
Gussago, Cesario Canzon 'La Facca' x'La_Facca'_(Gussago,_Cesario)
Hassler, Hans Leo Verbum caro factum est x,_Hans_Leo)
Hassler, Hans Leo Fahr hin, gutes Liedelein,_gutes_Liedelein_(Hassler,_Hans_Leo)
Hassler, Hans Leo Tribus miraculis x,_Hans_Leo)#IMSLP341316
Lassus, Orlande de Maria voll Genad,_Orlande_de)
Mundy, John In Nomine IIIà_6_(Mundy,_John)
Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Rex pacificus,_Giovanni_Pierluigi_da)
Parsons, Robert Deliver me from mine enemies x,_Robert)
Striggio, Alessandro Non rumor di tamburi.,_Alessandro)
Striggio, Alessandro O messagi del cor, sospiri ardenti,_sospiri_ardenti_(Striggio,_Alessandro)#IMSLP296910
Tollius, Jan Zefira torna x,_Jan)
Valcampi, Curtio Petite et accipietis,_Curtio)
Valcampi, Curtio Non turbetur cor vestrum,_Curtio)
Weelkes, Thomas Fantasia of Six Parts x,_Thomas)
Weelkes, Thomas Retire, My Thoughts x,_Thomas)
Zangius, Nicolaus Angelus ad pastores ait x,_Nikolaus)